03. - 10.09.2016 PILATES, YOGA & MORE
01. - 03.07.2016 LADIES EDITION
02. - 09.09.2017 PILATES, YOGA & MORE
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individual solo & duo coaching

preliminary talk about your goals

postural analysis and fitness screening up-front

sessions adapted to your needs & physical conditions

tailor-made training alone or together with a friend, partner, colleague or spouse

reach your goals faster

work individually on your goals (e.g. reducing back pain due to pathologies of the spine, loose weight, get toned & strong, get awareness & strength for your core after pregnancy, etc.)

Book a Personal Coaching session as Solo- or Duo-Coaching and start your training in Pilates, Functional Training, Running or Yoga to reach your goals faster, such as rehabilitation after a surgery, to stay active or to get in shape or to do an effective compensation training as an athlete or other goals. After doing a fitness- and postural analysis your qualified teacher will develop a personalized program with your individual goals and needs. Since our teachers are highly qualified and attend seminars regularly we can work also in your rehabilitation process, we know how to train people with herniated discs, injuries on the spine or other contraindications and will adapt the exercises accordingly.

Trainer korrigiert Körperhaltung bei Frau an Rudermaschine im Fitnesscenter


We are organizing different Pilates group sesssions and other classes in different venues. Ask us for further information and availability.

small groups of 12 people maximum

programs with set goals

quality exercises & good alignment is the aim of each session

teacher adapts exercises to needs & physical conditions of participants if needed

tactile & verbal individual correction by teacher

fun, health & motivation together with others

group of smiling women stretching in the gym
outdoor fitness
Aerobic Pilates personal trainer in a gym group class


For information on private personal coaching, group sessions, workshops & seminars please refer to our studio Alineo Club Body & Mind – for Pilates & more in Trier & surroundings.