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Corporate seminars on-site or external venue. The seminars can be arranged at your premises or in one of our partner hotels. The semiars can be designed to introduce methods like Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Functional Training or Running to your employees, including theory & practice. We also propose to book a seminar as a kick-off for ongoing regular classes afterwards. Or why not using them as a motivational tool to promote teamwork, team spirit and as an incentive for good performances of your team and/or top management? Our exclusive seminars guarantee highly qualified teachers, experienced partners and a perfect organization for successful team motivation. Our experience shows us that our corporate seminars & events increase team spirit, motivate employees for more health & activity and raise positive energy within the company. Ask us for further information and availability.

tailor-made individual seminars & workshops

theory & practice

kick-off seminars for your employees for ongoing group classes on-site

introduction to health & sport for your employees

fun & motivation to promote team spirit & healthy employees

Examples Seminars

Happy & Strong Back (4 hours)

· Intoduction to different methods (theory & practice, Get to know the Pilates method, Yoga, Functional Training & more and learn why they effectively prevent you from back pain)

· Motivate employees (to strengthen the back and learn how important it is to keep the spine flexible)

· Practical exercises (learn how to integrate simple exercises at your workdesk or in daily life)

· Body scan experience (learn simple tests how your body works, increase your body awareness)

TEAM Running (8 hours)

· Intoduction to efficient running technique (theory & practice, Get to know how to run efficient, improve running technique, including video analysis of running technique with evaluation of each participant)

· Challenge employees for corporate team run (preparing for 5 or 10k/Half-Marathon/Marathon at ING Marathon Luxembourg – kick-off seminar for ongoing regular running classes afterwards)

· Practical exercises to strengthen the core (learn how to strengthen the core with specific functional exercises for runners, learn why it is important to increase core strength and not only count km)

· Theory & presentation of efficient trainings plans (learn how to train for 5 or 10k runs, half-marathons or marathons, see examples of trainings plans, learn how to use lactacte testing to improve your training)

· Motivate employees to start running (everybody is born to run!, start from 0 – 5k step by step)

· Natural running (learn what is natural running and the things that are essential for it)

· Presentation of different running shoes (by one of our partners, Running shoe specialists)

· Partner of Running seminars is PSCHEBIZIN PROFICOACHING (

Burnout prevention & Stress relief (4 hours)

· Intoduction to different methods (theory & practice, Get to know the Pilates method, Yoga, Meditation & more and learn why they effectively prevent you from back pain)

· Prevention of stress, anxiety and depression (learn how and why Pilates, Yoga & Meditation are reconnecting your body & mind, help to relief stress and increase your body awareness for a healthier & happier life)

· Work- & Life-Coaching (theory & practice of life- and career coaching methods presented by our partner, learn how to find work-life-balance, dispose about your energy, etc.)


Corporate events on-site or external venue. Our exclusive events offer a unique combination of high quality training in sports, adventure & fun, to bring health, sport & happiness to your employees. Our long-time experience in business, in the financial sector, in marketing & event management and the sport & health industry and the fact having gained long-term insights of internal procedures in international companies guarantees you a professional organization, creative concepts for exclusive events with exclusive partners. We have a huge network in the corporate field and only choose partners with high qualifications and experience. So, let’s meet to plan unforgettable casual time-outs for your staff too! Ask us for further information and possibilities. You tell us what is your aim, we get it organized!

exclusive corporate events

unforgettable experiences for your staff

bringing health & sports to your employees in a casual atmosphere

fun & motivation to promote team spirit

motivational team challenges for more enthusiasm among staff

casual time-outs for your staff

make your company more attractive among staff and external candidates by offering special events


Health & Sport Day/Week

· Intoduction to different sports (presentations in theory & practice but also workouts for your employees)

· Family Day (related to health & sport)

· Team challenges (promoting team spirit, e.g. Beach-Volleyball turnament, Drachenboot-Challenge in Luxembourg, etc., Team Run at a big marathon such as ING Marathon Luxembourg)

Charity Event

· Donations involving your employees and/or clients (running challenges donating a certain amount of money afterwards depending on the km your company did, spinning marathons)

· PR-effective event (promoting your company, involve different sponsors etc.)

Summer Party

· Summer party for your employees, family members and/or clients (Climbing adventure park, canoe tours, etc.)

· Combining sport, health, adventure and catering (for your employees and family members)

Please leave us a message to get more information on our seminar & event concepts and reserve dates in advance.

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