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  • individual health concepts for your needs (financial sector vs. social sector, employees do have other needs depending on their physical stress)
  • one-source organization by experienced business professionals
  • a team of highly qualified and motivated teachers
  • teachers and presenters with long international experience
  • multilingual teachers offering services depending on your company language
  • pool of teachers guarantees that we organize substitute teacher in case of absence of your regular teacher
  • gain special discounts for your employees for our events
  • network of successful partners to design YOUR INDIVIDUAL HEALTH & SPORT CONCEPT


What are the benefits for your company and your employees?

The promotion of your employees’ health brings many advantages. If your employees start to exercise regularly, they will prevent sickness, stabilize their health and increase their energy. Studies and research proof that exercising conduces to a low sickness rate. Offering motivational events and programs for employees such as sport classes or seminars gives a company the reputation of being an attractive employer, both for its employees and external candidates.

lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction & work productivity, higher employee retention, lower health care costs

Success winner fitness runner woman jumping happy, excited and energetic with happy cheering face expression celebrating. Sporty running girl cheering after training outdoor in volcano landscape.
Work-Life Balance
Runner - running shoes closeup of woman barefoot running shoes. Female jogging in Central Park, New York City.


  1. We will fix a personal appointment with your HR manager, CEO or Sport responsible to discuss about your goals and options for your concept, considering your infrastructure, employee structure and financial possibilities.
  2. We will develop your individual concept suggesting different options and send you a personalized offer.
  3. You choose what suits best to your companies’ goals and employees’ needs.
  4. We will schedule fixed days for your internal group classes and fix seminar and event dates and book the respective trainers and partners from our team.
  5. Your company can choose if these social benefits will be paid by the company completely, partly or if your employees should invest themselves in their health.
  6. We will invoice your company directly, conditions and prices are fixed up-front in our appointment and offer. We are guaranteeing special deals if your company books several group classes or seminars and rewarding long-term relationships with reduced fees for long-term contracts.
  7. Your employees will get special discounts on our events.
  8. You can start within a short time getting your employees healthy and active.

Your concept can be designed as:

· Personal Coaching (for managers, employees with health problems (like herniated dics or other back issues) as Solo or Duo Coaching

· Group Coaching at your premises (any unused meeting room or gym room)

· Seminars (one-day-seminars & half-day-seminars)

· Events (Team building & motivational events, other special events like Health Day, Family Day, Summer Party related to sport & health, Team Challenges etc.)

Get in touch with us, we will get it organized!

Please leave us a message by using the contact form below. We will get in touch with you to fix a personal appointment.

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Objectives of your corporate health & sport concept can vary:

 · Productivity (help your employees to gain strength & energy, get your employees moving, doing functional exercises at their workdesk or exercises to strengthen their back to be more productive and live healthier)

 · Motivation (as incentives for certain tasks, testing leadership abilities, for goals like competition in Team Runs)

 · Team building (help them to act as a team, promoting team work and collegiality)

 · Burnout Prevention & Stress relief (help them to find work-life-balance)